An Experimental DJ Dance Party

Relax the Chimp aims to ‘trigger the dance in us all’. A community event where both trained and untrained bodies are invited to experiment, play and get physical through their own larger than life avatar.

Relax the Chimp is an outdoor immersive dance environment that will inhabit the Salamanca Courtyard during the Festival. It features an interactive software program that projects the body onto large screens in a variety of avatar and abstract forms.

Relax The Chimp will let your inner dancer free in an environment where there is no right or wrong, nor any limits on age, ability or style.

To inspire your inner chimp, Tasdance’s resident DJ will create a soundscape of fun, playfulness and experimentation, based on open requests from the community made in the weeks leading up to the event. The soundscape will represent the feeling and culture of the community we are based in and the dance styles that this community enjoys.

The technology behind Relax the Chimp is a unique application designed to pick up cues from your body and movements and relay them in a larger than life form on the big screen. Think of a mashup of Snapchat, Nintendo Wii Just Dance and Motion Capture, in real time, on a stadium sized screen.

You can join us as a dancer or a watcher, but be warned, you might just get inspired by a beat, a dance or a flash mob and find you just can’t resist being drawn into the dance!

So come and play with us, relax your chimp and see your avatar dance on the big screen.

Created by Tasdance and developed with students from the University of Tasmania and Tasmanian College of the Arts, this event is set to rock the 2016 Junction Arts Festival as well!




Thursday 29 September 9:30pm


Festival Hub
Salamanca Arts Centre
77 Salamanca Square
Battery Point
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