Philip Channels (NSW)

Philip Channells has gained international appeal through leadership roles in dance in the UK and Australia. He has produced and directed performances across art forms including dance, film, community art projects, site-specific work, artist in residency projects. Some of his choreographic credits include: Off The Record (2016) – a Force Majeure collaboration, Hyperreal Tales – commissioned by Bundanon Trust, PERFECT (im)PERFECTIONS (2014) – for DansiT (Norway) and Next of Kin (2010) for Restless Dance Theatre.

He has published articles in international journals, magazines and arts in education periodicals. Philip is fiercely committed to the development of thriving artistic communities that integrate people from diverse age groups, backgrounds and life experience.

Philip has worked in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Papua New Guinea extending opportunities for people from diverse background and life experience to participate in and contribute to cultural activities through dance.

For more information:
Twitter: @philipchannells
Instagram: @philip.channells
Facebook: philip.channells

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