BYO-V & Daily Dance
with Neta Pulvermacher

What is a site specific dance? In this lively workshop led by renowned choreographer, Neta Pulvermacher, we will get our feet wet and our imagination stretched making dances in spaces that are outside of traditional theatre and performance spaces.

We will think of the constant dance that is taking place wherever there is movement inside us, around us and with us. Site specific dance is a performance work created in response to a particular place or site, inspired by its architecture or design its history and its current use.

It looks on our world as our stage…

Dance in the streets and the markets and fields, dance in the stock markets, banks and courthouses…

Dance in old buildings, on stairs and with cars…

Make garbage truck dance, make horses gallop… make your body move… in rhythm claiming space to live, to breath, to behave…

Daily Dance Festival Pass

Can’t decide which Daily Dance class to take? Why Choose? Join us in the Backyard Studio every day at 10:00am with a Daily Dance Festival Pass.


$12 available at Ticketbooth or Buy a Daily Dance Festival Pass


Wednesday Sept 28 10am


Backyard Studio
Salamanca Square
77 Salamanca Square
Battery Point
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Daily Dance


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