James Batchelor (VIC)

James Batchelor is choreographer and performer from Canberra. His projects examine the interactions between humans and the environment via a rigorous process of documentation and physical translation. Distinct physicalities and dynamic images are constructed from the careful analysis of specific sites and people. James’ mission as an artist is to inspire reflection on how the body senses, navigates and transforms. His work provides an embodied context for thinking about and reimagining our community.
James’ projects span local to the remote, from densely populated urban environments to some of the most inaccessible places in the world. His key works to date include ISLAND (winner of Green Room Award, Canberra Critics Circle Award), and METASYSTEMS; a series of five short works created in 2014-15 responding to the radical transformation of urban environments. He has travelled extensively with his work across Australia, Europe and Asia.

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