Creative Intensive
by Ana Beatriz Degues (Portugal)

Where is trust inside my body?
Breathing. Meeting. Where is rhythm born?
Transparency. Water. Within. Inside. Within our cells.

In search of internal movement. From the cellular universe to the extremities of our body. Through an analogy between trunks: the tree and the spine.

We work around maturation and structuring of the spine and the deep integration of breathing with the movement we produce. Our journey from horizontal to vertical. The will to reach verticality as an intrinsic nature and condition of the human being.

Hosted by Ana Beatriz Degues (Portugal)

Presented By

Ana Beatriz Degues


$55 from Ticketbooth


Rehearsals Tue Sept 27 through Sat Oct 1, 2-4pm
6:30-9:30pm Performance in Salamanca Moves at 30,000 Feet


Creative Intensive


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