Dianne Reid (VIC)

Dianne Reid is a performer, choreographer, camera operator, video editor, writer and educator. Dianne has choreographed 35 live contemporary dance works, mostly for independent or community dance settings and tertiary dance programs. She has created dance for a range of live and screen contexts. Hipsync is her dance video production company established in 2002. Dianne is a well-respected and sought after teacher and mentor who has been based in Melbourne for the past 22 years. She creates work and teaches across multiple disciplines (dance, media/video, theatre) regularly lecturing at major tertiary dance programs, providing training for contemporary dance companies and collaborating with independent dancers.

“As a creative artist I am interested in making work that tells stories, drawing attention to the ‘individual’ experience, the emotional and psychological landscape which ‘lives’ in the physical body.”

For more information go to hipsync.com.au/diannereid/

Festival Events

Dance Interrogations
Dancing With Devices
Dancing And New Media
Screendance & Improvisation


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