led by Ruby Rowat

Come try throwing hats in the air, in sync! And counterbalancing in basic human pyramids. There will be a full body warm up / stretch to begin. Open to all levels and ages.

Ruby Rowat has taught trapeze and movement fundamentals at National Circus Schools of Montreal, Rio, Australia (NICA & FruitFly), and performed around the world with Cirque Eloize, Circus Oz, Soleil, & her own company, Full Cream Circus from Melbourne. She’s trained Laban/Bartenieff movement with Valerie Dean, and BMC with Alice Cummins, clown with Don Reider, Ira Sidenstein, Debra Batton, Renee Bazinet. Most recently she’s created a hand-to-hand act with Shane Witt, and continues performing The Legend of John Henry with Sharon Gruenert on double trapeze. Originally from the Coast Range mountains of the West Coast of Canada, she loves Tasmania.

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Tuesday Sept 27


Backyard Studio
Salamanca Square
Battery Point
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